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Mgombea Urais kwa tiketi ya Chama Cha Mapinduzi, Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete akiwahutubia maelfu ya wakazi wa mji wa Geita jana jioni.

Maelfu ya wakazi wa mji wa Geita na vitongoji vyake wakimsikiliza kwa makini Mgombea Urais kwa tiketi ya CCM, Dr.Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete wakati wa mkutano wa hadhara uliofanyika mjini hapo mchana. Kabla ya Geita, Mgombea wa CCM aliwahutubia wananchi wa Buchosa na Sengerema.
(Picha na Freddy Maro)

JK: We`ll build teachers` houses with own funds
By Patrick Kisembo
The Guardian

The Government has said that it is working on a comprehensive plan to build teachers’ houses in public schools in the country using its own funds.

This was stated by CCM flag bearer, President Jakaya Kikwete while addressing residents of Buchosa and Sengerema constituencies in Mwanza Region on the third day of CCM national campaigns which kicked off on Saturday.

He said the project is intended to end the current shortage of teachers’ houses in the country.

“As we did in the Lake Victoria water project, we are going to do the same in constructing teachers’ houses …we want this problem to be history by 2015,” President Kikwete said.

He said the government was keen to see to it that teachers do not face housing problems to detract them from their teaching work.

He said the government was determined to address the shortage of teachers in many schools in the country.

Kikwete said graduate teachers were expected from various teaching colleges, including Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE), Mkwawa University College of Education and University of Dodoma (UDOM).

“For your information, 16,000 teachers diploma and degree holders - are expected to graduate this year from the respective colleges and universities,” he said.

Kikwete promised that his government, if elected in the coming elections, would construct Kamanga-Sengerema road at tarmac level, although the project is not in this year’s CCM election manifesto.

He said construction of Usagara-Sengerema road has been completed at tarmac level.

Speaking at a public rally in Geita, the CCM presidential candidate who is aspiring for his second and last term said his government was in the process of constructing a road from Geita to other areas.

He pointed out that construction of Usagara-Geita road had been completed at tarmac level.

At the rally, CCM Mwanza Regional Secretary, Rajab Kundya appealed to the government to increase the number of districts for Geita Region, saying currently it had only two districts Geita and Nyangwale and 33 wards.

Responding Kikwete said the government had already added 14 wards to the Geita region, bringing the number of wards to 47.

According to Kundya, the new Geita region was facing serious shortage of water and that Geita Gold Mine had allocated about 9bn/- for pumping water from Numbo Bay to the main water tank in Geita.

He requested the government to contribute 6bn/- which would be used for distributing the water from the main tank to the residential areas. Kikwete promised to support the project.

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